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January 2009

Try as they might, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes can’t seem to keep their 2 ½-year-old daughter Suri from the spotlight. At no time was that more apparent than during a recent performance of Katie’s Broadway smash All My Sons. Tom — who has famously attended the show more than 20 times — was watching from the wings with Suri, when he noticed her tiny feet slowly making their way towards the stage. “I say, ‘Sweetheart, stay right here,’” the 46-year-old actor recalled during a Friday appearance on The View. “She turns to me and sort of taps my hand away, and I realize, she’s going to go on stage.”

“Everyone is acting! So then she [got down on hands and knees and] was going to crawl out on stage. At a certain point she’s crawling, and I’m holding on to her dress, just quietly, because I don’t want her to say anything too loud. And so I finally just picked her up and said, ‘You can’t go on stage.’ And she goes, ‘Why?’ [I should have said] ‘you can’t go on stage yet.’”

New Years Eve for Tom, Katie and Suri was spent quietly at home, and Christmas was “low-key,” he revealed. “It was more about the giving,” he explains. “We never really have the gifts be a big thing.” When asked about the public fascination with his youngest daughter — viewed by some as a fashion icon — Tom admitted that he is torn. “It’s both very flattering … and you kind of go, ‘It is what it is,’” he says. “We all think our children are incredible, and I feel that way about all three of my kids.”


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