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Just for fun, I am adding "Who wore it better?" poll.
*It doesn't matter, if you don't know who the girl on the left is.... i do :)

I love this Tartan Rose Silk Dress by Janie and Jack for its amazing Rose Print and classic cut.

Suri wore this dress with Gris Suede Shoes by Bonpoint, for a city stroll in October 2008.

Kate wore this dress with Red Patent Shoes & Pointelle White Tights by Janie and Jack, while attending a wedding in September 2008.

I don't like Suri's hair and bare legs, Kate's shoes are a better match, so she wins it for me.


Anonymous said...

who is the kid on the right?

suri's black shoes go way better with the dress. the white tights and red shoes on the other girl are a little too matchy-matchy with the dress. plus, this is a summer dress, it's not really suited for tights anyway. suri wins, no doubt.

Jule said...

I think Kate with her rosy cheeks and smile wears it better! Suri needs a haircut although I ove her looks, too.


patkins said...

first of all both girls are adorable. but this website is for suri. and so suri is the winner for me. and besides suri's shoes is bonpoint...nice taste. =) anything suri wears is great. she does need a hair cut!

Anonymous said...

acho a Suri linda mesmo não combinando a roupa com os sapato,essa é a diferença e a diferença é que torna os modelos que ela veste um mais lindo que o outro e faz com que ela não fica iqualzinha as outras crianças...ela não combina nada! as vezes ela esta com uma sapato de uma cor e a roupa de outra cor e por ser assim podemos percebe cada detalhe tanto da roupa quanto do sapato...ja passou a época da criança sair toda combinando.

stardust said...

replying to Anonymous 1.

this is not a summer dress!

Janie and Jack released the Tartan Rose line in September 2007, as Christmas/Holiday line, so this line included coats, sweaters & even boots.

Benedetta said...

Hi, i have pictures of my daughter wearing the Janie and Jack red dress,i was thinking we could also put it up as Who wore it best?

who should i contact for this?

nabila said...

suri is really gorgeous, adored her.

AmandaKrone said...

The little girl on the right looks much better in the dress! Her tights and shoes look fabulous with the dress, and her hair looks so nice! The black casual shoes and bare legs are wrong for this beautiful dress.