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CA, April 2009

Suri is running away from her dad while both enjoined the morning walk on Monday, 27.

Suri is wearing a gorgeous Green with blue flowers Dress, which looks custom made to me, and the first so this dress on Suri on June 17th 2008.

Suri first wore this dress on June 17th 2008.



Jule said...

Nice dress, and nice to see that bubble dresses are popular there, too - cause here in Europe, they have them everywhere now.


Leticia said...

I don't like this dress.

Anonymous said...

Suri is amazing beautiful!!

Mandee said...

This dress seems to be the same worn back in June 2008
check your archives! : )

stardust said...

Thanks, Mandee :)

i remember that Suri wore this dress before, i just didnt post it cause there was no id for it..

my guess is - its custom-made by Holmes-Yang.