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CA, April 2009

Suri puts her best ballet slipper forward as she trains to be a ballerina at a dance studio on Thursday, 2.

OMG, there are tons of cutest pictures of Suri... it was hard to select the best ones:

Readers comment: "Suri seems to be coming out of her shell... those dance classes are a good thing for her." I totally agree!

Suri is wearing Striped Dress by Splendid Littles, which she first wore back in September'08.



Jule said...

I like the dress and how Suri is posing, she really doesn't look so shy in these pictures. Cutie Pie!

Anonymous said...

you should start a katie holmes fashion blog.

and i love suri in this splendid dress!

Anonymous said...

anybody know where i can get this dress?