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CA, May 2009

Suri and Katie hold hands as they leave a dance studio in Pacific Palisades on Thursday, 14.

Suri is wearing AGAIN this Black Leotard by Danskin.
Please, let it be the last time she is wearing it.. cause its boring.



Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say I am a very big fan of this blog and think your doing a great job. I almost come here every day to check the updates so thank you very much for your work and for the regular posts.

All the best.

Stephanie said...


I'm just stopping by, looking at all the blogs and I love it! Very cool to see all the work you put in... But sometimes I get dunno... When you type stuff like I hope she doesn't wear it again, because she wore it 6 times allready... She's just a kid ;-) And about the leotard, maybe it's compulsary? It is in my danceschool ^^

Anyways, just wanted to leave a comment, sorry if it seems offensive, trust me, it's not meant to be! ^^

Love seeing the pictures and reading about her clothes :)

the enigma said...

on the opposite of boring, the black dance shirt is super cool.