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Thanks to ALL of you who voted on the WWIB poll!

iam glad to make a WWIB post again :)

this week Suri wore 3 dresses from GAP... one of those dresses was worn earlier by another celebrity kid.

The dress in question is Asymmetrical Ruffle Dress in Orange from Sunset Collection by GAP.

Alabama, daughter of 'Blink 182' Drummer Travis Barker, was spotted wearing this dress with black converse slip-ons, while out & about with family in Malibu on May 17th.

Suri wore this dres with ZOE Pink Ballerinas by Maloles Petite, while shopping at The Grove with Katie on May 31st.

Suri's hair needs some proper care/haircut... Alabama's locks are so cute, but i am just not a fan of her black shoes.
I love Suri's pink patent shoes, which perfectly follow this spring's orange&pink trend, so she wins it for me.


patkins said...

aww....suri is always the winner to me...=)....pink may be a weird combo with the orange. but with suri...it just works..=)

Jen said...

This dress is much more flattering on Suri's slim bodice! Also, the informal shoes the other girl is wearing (not to mention Black colour) is so inappropriate for pairing with this dress.

Anonymous said...

porque sempre faço meus comentarios no blog e os mesmo não é aceito por vocês????????????????????

Anonymous said...

This dress seems too big for Suri and a little too fitting for Alabama. They both don't look flattering in that dress. Suri's pairing with the shoes is a little daring choice and the shoe looks a little too big too. If Suri is a little more fill up, it will probably look very nice on her. It's always fun to see what Suri wears, very interesting and enjoys her choice of clothes thoroughly, not the entirely the size though.

Anonymous said...

The dress look good on both little girls!I like better the black shoes on Alabama than the Pink shoes with orange dress, it does not match.
katey need to take care of suri's hair... hehehe
But she is still beautiful!!!


stardust said...

"porque sempre faço meus comentarios no blog e os mesmo não é aceito por vocês?"

i do not post the comments in Spanish, because i can not understand them, and i cant tell if you are saying smth nice or not. sorry.

Anonymous said...

hi, there is a site called something Babelfish altavista, you can google it, that works pretty good, if you dont know english you can translate PORTUGUES to English, then post it here.
She or he wrote in portugues not spanish :)