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Boston, September 2009

Suri & Katie spotted out & about in Boston on Sunday, 20.

Katie carried around a cute Hello Kitty bag.

Suri is wearing Jersey Bow Dress in Pink/White Stripes and Linen Culottes in Black, both by Tiddles & Chich (Australian Brand).

Suri's outfit is completed by ZOE Pink Ballerinas by Maloles Petite, which she first wore while shopping at the Grove on May 31st 2009.

Thanks to Mandee & Natalia for the id! :)



Mandee said...

Why doesn’t someone with common sense put a barrette in Suri’s hair to keep it out of her eyes. The Holmes/Cruises are slow to learn...Why doesn’t Katie comb suri’s hair? Suri looks like a mess! her hair needs to be combed! :(

Suri Cruise Holmes. said...

Hi I'm Natalia, I think the same as Mandee, suri looks much better with her hair arranged, it is so messy that it seems never comb.
Mandee check my new blog about Suri, kisses.