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LA, September 2009

L.A.'s fashion set gathered at Maxfield in West Hollywood on Thursday night to get a first look at Katie Holmes and stylist Jeanne Yang's premium designer line Holmes & Yang. "I've been nervous all day, but I'm really excited," said Holmes of the debut, which includes a women's and girls' collection. "We just wanted to do comfortable clothes that you can wear going from a meeting to being a mom to going on a date." Mission accomplished. The collection, done in a palette of cream, navy, and black, features luxe shirts and trousers; textured silk jumpsuits; motorcycle jackets; leather, silk-lined blazers; and ruched strapless dresses worthy of the red carpet. "Everything's lined in silk, and we really spared no expense," added Yang, who first bonded with Holmes, fashion-wise, over a pair of pants. "I'm thrilled because things came out even better than I expected."

Holmes' hubby, Tom Cruise, is currently on the East Coast filming Wichita, but the actress had plenty of supporters on hand. Guests such as Crystal Lourd, Sofia Vergara, Magda Berliner, and Raven Kauffman sipped Perrier-Jou√ęt and nibbled on creative hors d'oeuvres (corn soup in an eggshell, anyone?) while perusing the new line, which will be sold exclusively at Maxfield for the fall season. "I'm here to support other people creating," said Alanis Morissette, who is venturing into the business with a recyclable denim line while also writing a book. "Fashion is just another form of expression for me." Guests were also charmed by Holmes & Yang's pint-sized offerings. "Jeanne's girls and my daughter have a point of view of what they want to wear," added Holmes. "I'm constantly amazed by all the colors and layers that Suri will put together." Determined to go beyond kids' T-shirts and leggings, Yang succinctly explained a key design element: "It has to twirl."

reported by Victoria Namkung

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