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Boston & NYC, November 2009

Suri & Katie ate dinner at Modern Pastry in Boston on Saturday evening, 7.

Suri is wearing Preppy Stripe Cardigan in Grey/Pink by Juicy Couture and she is holding Disney Princesses Umbrella. (pictures TBA)

Suri is wearing Highlighter Skater Tank Dress in Pink and Shiny Legging in Lamé Silver, both were purchased on Friday at American Apparel store.

Suri also added CELIA Bow Ballet Pumps in Dark Purple by Maloles Petite to her GORGEOUS outfit!!! This is THE BEST outfit EVER!!! :)


and in the morning, Suri & Katie were seen arriving in the Big Apple from Boston via the 30th street heliport on Sunday, 8.

Suri is still wearing the same outfit, she only took off her shoes & changed the cardigan for her trusty Lurex Knit Cardigan in Jewel by SEED, which she wore several times before starting on October 4th.



Anonymous said...

this is actually the most impressive outfit i've EVER seen on a little kid. silver lame leggings, pink dress, grey and pink cardigan.... it's amazing. she looks so adorable.

agatendo said...

oh come on, while it may be the coolest of Suri's outfits (she's usually dressed in boring dress/ballet flats ensemble) I'd suspect the average newyorker parent has more creativity in styling their kids than Katie will ever do. surely, you must have seen better ;)

Meesh said...

I personally miss the bonpoint dresses from last fall!