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Suri's Style - Holmes & Yang

RadarOnline.com took a peek at the premium line Katie Holmes created with stylist Jeanne Yang which is being sold exclusively at Maxfield in Los Angeles.

This line, called Holmes & Yang, includes a selection of pants, jumpsuits, blazers and motorcycle jackets all in the classic high-fashion style of Holmes. Sticking to colors like cream, black and navy, the well-tailored collection is brimming with envy-inducing silk pieces. There are several children's items inspired by Suri! :) (reported by radar)

And now lets take a look back... first dress of this Holmes & Yang design Suri debuted - Royal Blue silk dress on May 15th 2008, followed by a White Silk version on July 15th 2008.

Suri also showed off the Pearl Silk version on February 28th 2009, which was also worn by Jane Yang's daughter for magazine photo-shoot.

And we have also seen the Bright Red version on March 8th 2009 and the Dark Pink version on March 29th 2009.

and the latest addition is Suri's Dark Red Silk Dress which she wore on October 26th 2009.

This dress (only white & navy versions) can be purchased for $600 at Maxfield, LA.

At least 3 more pieces are available at Maxfield from the Girl's collection: navy pea coat, navy/white big dot silk blouse and white tule skirt (which you can also notice in the video, right behind the dresses on the hanger).

watch the video here.

Thanks to Vania from Katie Holmes Daily for finding this video! :)


patkins said...

nice video! thanks for the heads up....BUTT. ....$600 for a kid's dress?...i dont think so. even if its something suri would have worn......thats just a bit too much. i can put that towards my car bill...=)

stardust said...

i totally agree!!! the pricing is insane... even Dolce & Gabbana and Burberry kids lines are priced between $150 and $400 max!!

i wonder how well is it going to sell... LOL but i bet tabloids will not miss this one :)

peny113 said...
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