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Spain, December 2009

Suri along with Isabella, Conor and their parents pose for a photo at La Isla Magica over the weekend.

The fun fair — located in Seville, Spain — opened up just for the family, in town while Tom films Knight and Day.

Suri for the 5th time is wearingHighlighter Skater Tank Dress in Pink by American Apparel and Diamond Jacquard Tie Cardigan in Navy by SEED.

iam tiered of looking at those boooooring combos - seed+american apparel, seed+holmes&yang.......... blah.



Lucynda said...

My daughter has the same dress but I think she looks much cuter in it. ;)
Isn't that crazy? The fun fair opened just for them!!

Anonymous said...

well, it looks like Katie stopped spending for a while, letting Suri wear what she's already got in her huge wardrobe, no?
and frankly it doesn't surprise me Suri's outfits are a bit boring - like a mother, like a daughter...

stardust said...

^^you got the point! but i hope that Suri will step out of it and has not inhereted her mother's sensce of style.. or lack of it :)

S&K recently shopped at Jacadi & Gap, and i am wondering when Suri is going to show off her new cute dresses :)

cause, imho, you cant go wrong with gap.. my daughter owns a ton of it :)

Anonymous said...

and to think how many clothes you can get from GAP for the price of one dress from Holmes&Young collection ;-)

I am not a fan of Katie's style, nor a fan of TomKat, but I do think Suri is adorable. That said, I feel like I'm watching a psychological experiment and can't help wondering what will Suri be like when she grows up.

Coming back to Suri's style - even though I think it's a bit boring I do find it inspiring sometimes - I fell in love with maryjanes and polka dot pattern and I'm suddenly a fan of American Apparel kids. Katie keeps it on a safe side, repeating the same combos, true, but sometimes she gets it right. One of my fave outfits was silky beige dress with AA polka dot leggings and dark pink balerinas.
I do dress my daughter in a similar way, but I definitely experiment more with patterns and styles, mixing thrifted with new, less known Scandinavian brands with chain stores like GAP, Next and H&M.

Anonymous said...

suri definitely dresses herself and sometimes little kids will just love one outift or dress so much that they wear it all the time. but then again i thought i read somewhere that suri hates to wear the same thing twice? either way, i think she still looks cute. she has great style for such a little girl! it is kind of nice seeing they aren't so extravagant and will let her wear the same thing every day if that's what she wants to do. it's not about showing off suri's wardrobe, it's just about giving her the freedom to wear what makes her happy. good for tom and katie.

but i do miss last november/december when suri was dressed so nicely for the all my sons performances. tights, flats, a fancy dress and a dressy coat... so cute!