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Spain, December 2009

Suri & Katie spent their afternoon with a few friends on a private tour of the zoo in Seville on Wednesday, 9.

Suri for the 4th time is wearing Highlighter Skater Tank Dress in Pink by American Apparel and Fairy Rain Boots by Kidorable, first worn on November 21st 2009.



copperdog said...

Love the new site look. :)

stardust said...

THANKS!!! iam glad that someone else, besides me also likes it... :)

i got tiered of that red header.. so, decide to go with something clammer :)

bahaus said...

I agree with the previous poster, the site looks wonderful! Love the pattern!

Finally a break from the high heels! Suri looks adorable!
The colour combination is so cute, but that dress seems a lil too cold for this time of the year, no?

Roberta said...


Hey I'm a big fan of the cruise family especially little Suri, and I think this is the cutest pic of the year and you sould totally post it on your blog!

Lucynda said...

My daughter has the same pink dress!
And I love the new look of this site!