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Spain, December 2009

Suri & Katie visit Tom on the set of his new film “Knight and Day” in Sevilla, Spain on Monday, December 7.

Suri is wearing White Silk Ruffle Dress by Holmes & Yang and Pink Flamenco Shoes - can be purchased from flamencoexport.com

Suri is carrying around Facet Button Cardigan in Oatmeal Color by SEED, she worn the same one in Cherry Red on October 26th. (sold out on line)

Suri's dress is the newt addition to Holmes & Yang Collection - it is made of White Silk with dots and has an asymmetrical cut hem - Beautiful Dress!!

and a lovely picture of Suri indulging in an ice-cream... :)



Anonymous said...

ok, so "dance shoes" became a regular wear for Suri, well - wearing only heels is unhealthy enough for adults not to mention fast-growing child.
is this girl a DOLL for her parents? It's December, it's cold even in Spain, Katie is wearing a cardi and a warm scarf, Suri has bare arms...

it's starting to look a little insane.

Anonymous said...

I'm starting to find Tom and Katies parenting skills really wrong, why don't they wait a few more months to show off this style of dress in summer.

And the shoes shoes would be nice for a young girl of maybe 8 or 9 going to a special party, like a wedding or her first communion.

The odd parenting is making me dislike them... a lot.

Meesh said...

Yes, I agree on the shoes. They don't even look good with the dress. Gold flats would look better.

Westamp said...
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Lucynda said...

I have a daughter and she is about Suri's age and she never gets to wear high heels even though she loves to dress up and she loves my high heels.
Tom and Katie have to learn to say 'no'. Also, I would make Suri wear a jacket.