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UPDATES - 2007 and earlier

since its very slow on Suri news, i went back and updated many posts from 2007 and earlier.

- unseen picture added to post of December 4th 2007 - Suri & her parents shopping in London.

- stock pictures updated for all the earlier posts - click here & have a look at  the cutest pictures and outfits of Little Princess Suri! :)

this is my favorite outfit from 2007:

Suri is wearing Pink Paulina Dress by Lilly Pulitzer dress.

note: updates for 2008 coming soon... :)


CT said...

Thank you Stardust, for your wonderful follow-ups on Suri's fashion. Shes is the cutest fashion icon so far.

Do you have pics of her 1st birthday party? Is it possible to find out where that dress was purchased at? Iam trying to, but could not :( Its a pink one, close collared, and very very cute :)

stardust said...

you mean the dress in this picture?


or please, give a link where you saw those pictures of Suri in a closed-collar pink dress.

Anonymous said...

Some of the clothes pictured here: http://celebrity-babies.com/tag/suri-cruise/ are not on this blog! A good time to update it.

stardust said...

^^thanks for the link, but i dont see any info which dont have here... could you please be more specific? TY :)

Anonymous said...

Jolla: http://celebrity-babies.com/tag/suri-cruise : I might be wrong but I haven't seen the dress in the third picture: Lili Gaufrette's wool skirt & polka dot twinset + toy Betty Buttons. Also the pink dress from Paris when Suri was 16 months old. Hope it helps.

stardust said...


if you mean the pink dress in theese pictures, that i dont see there an id, in that post. and i can only guess that it was from Bonpoint, if you have other ideas, please let me know. TY :)