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In Suri's Closet - Dolce Gabbana Junior

Thanks to Mandee, we finally know that this Red Trench, which was first worn by Suri on July 21st 2009 in Melbourne, is from FW'08 Collection by Dolce Gabbana Junior.

During 2009  - Suri was spotted 4 times in this cute & comfy trench coat:

at this point in time, the closest i could find - this Black Patent Trench Coat from FW'09 Collection by Dolce Gabbana Junior:


Charu0306@yahoo.co.in said...

Thank you so much for your blog - its wonderfully organized. I have searched a lot to find the dress that Suri wore for her 1st birthday - its a dark pink dress - close-collared one. Its a beautiful one, and I have searched the internet a lot, but couldn't find it. If you know, please post it - thank you.

P.S: My email is as in the name.

Anonymous said...

Thought you might like to see this, in case you haven't already.


Isn't she the cutest? And SO SIMILAR to Blair Waldorf!

Anonymous said...


Heres one that i found that is similar

Anonymous said...


or this one by Kate Mack