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March 2010

S&K spotted out in LA on Thursday, 18.
They went for a dance class, but Suri "didnt feel like dancing" so they went to Le Pain Quotidien for some sweet treats! :)

i would say, Suri is wearing pink-zebra-print pajama gown and its her bad-hair-day.. LOL

Thanks to Roberta for the pictures! :)

well, this is a nightgown....
Suri is wearing Reni Pink Zebra Print Dress by Esme LoungeWear.
*Suri is wearing the long-sleeved version with pink lace trim, unfortunately i only found a stock picture of the short-sleeve version with a white lace trim.

well i guess if Victoria Beckham can wear sweatpants to the movies, than Suri Cruise can wear nightgown to a dance class... blah.


Lorreta Felice Michelle said...

she looks so pretty at the first pic :D

Andrea said...

she looks sooooo gorgeous!!!! she always does :D
that little girl is BEAUTIFUL! :)

Anonymous said...

I don't think she looks pretty in the first picture. That was a horrible picture.

She looks like herself in the second one.

Anonymous said...

her hair looks nice no matter what! could be the wind's doings...just look at the mother's hair. haha :)

patkins said...

The nightgown that suri is wearing doesnt look like the the same nightgown you posted. is it just from the same brand. cause the one suri has on has longer sleves.

Anonymous said...

not the same dress at all

stardust said...

ok, guys, to end all debates, this is the nightgown/dress from Esme LougeWear brand, it was confirmed to me by the corporate manager of this brand. So, this is the dress but with short sleeves. the print is the same & the tiny rose/flower is exactly the same.

Anonymous said...

oh my - they both look like they just rolled out of bed! yikes!