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March, 2010

Suri goes for a dance class at Village Arts Dance Studio in Pacific Palisades, CA on Thursday, 4.

i love, how Suri's hair is styled for the dance class :)

after leaving the dance studio, girls went shopping to Petit Ami Boutique in Beverly Hills.

S&K purchased a yellow top and green flower print skirt from the Boutique (pictured above).

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Lucynda said...

Suri looks so pretty in the first picture.

Anonymous said...

Ugh walking around public sidewalks with bare feet! It's amazing that poor girl didn't damage her feet already.

At least she let them put her hair up. Much better than the ragamuffin look. And hooray for no make up too.

Rose Taylor said...

i found your blog, and let me say it is one of the cutest things ever. :) i never realized how fashionable little suri was, and i didnt realize she had gotten so much older!

what inspired you to do this? i think it's very unique! im following, and cant wait to check out future posts dedicated to that girl's outfits. :)

xoxo, rose.