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April 2010

Suri is spotted leaving Chelsea Piers with her nanny on Tuesday, 6.

Suri is wearing Pink/Navy Stripe Rugby Dress with ruffle by Splendid Littles.

Suri is also wearing her trusty Salina Safari Patent-Leather Ballet Flats by Crewcuts, which she first wore arriving to Tokyo on March 11th 2009.



Anonymous said...

Suri loves Splendid dresses in all colors. I like her look in the photo: "Can't you leave a girl in peace?"

Anonymous said...

I wonder when they are going to stop carrying her around. She's too tall and heavy to be hoisted around town. Not to mention that there are several panties shots with the way Katie and Nanny are carrying her around.

Really, she's tall enough to walk. Hold her hand. You have bodyguards, they can protect her from the hoards of paps. Either that or make her wear shorts underneath her dresses!

patkins said...

i like her splendid dresses...but i was wondering if you were gonna post any links on where to get these dresses?..i tried the splendid online but i cant find the exact style that she has been wearing lately..any clues? thanks =)

stardust said...

Suri's splendid dresses - green rugby, grey striped and the latest lt.pink rugby - they are all from Spring 2009 collection, so the only place you can try and find them now is ebay...

some similar styles are also available in different stores around the web, but i didnt find the Suri's dresses available for purchase at his point..