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Who Wore Splendid Butterfly Print Better - Ruby, Suri or Zahara?

note: yep, the girls are wearing different styles, but the print is the same, so imho its worth comparing :)

Zahara choose the top to show off this pretty Butterfly Print on April 1st 2008, paired with cargo pants and Checked Slip-ons by Vans Kids.

Ruby Maguire wore the tank version of the Butterfly Print in Seashell by Spledid on April 12th 2008, accessorized with her trusty Raeden Sandals by See Kai Run.

Suri wore the tunic version of this Butterfly Print on April 10th 2010, accessorized with Bunny Slippers and Bunny Ears Headband.

These outfits are exactly 2 Years apart... :)

Reason to vote for Ruby - she is my new "addiction", due to her fresh-out-of-the-store style :)

Why on earth did Suri need to wait 2 years to wear this adorable Butterfly Print?
and i am not a fan of Suri's Easter themed accessories.. might be cute for a party, but definitely not cute for a shopping trip.


Katina said...

Suri is the best :)

patkins said...

its always suri who wore it best..=)

Bene said...

Poor Suri, she is looking just like Tom!

-Emy- said...

everything Suri put on, she's always perfect!!

Anonymous said...

Suri is the cutest! What adorable puff sleeves! I don't think there is anything wrong with letting her wear bunny ears and slippers. She's a little girl! Let her have some fun, and be a child (: