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May 2010

Suri & Katie went shopping to Steven Alan store in LA on Saturday, 8.

Suri is wearing another one short-sleeves gown from Esme Loungewear, imho its too short and too thin to be considered as an appropriate piece of clothing to wear in public..

>>slow updates are due to this super-boring pajama style... :)



Anonymous said...

I don't know why this does not bother them? The see through short nightie? Roaming around in slippers? Treating the streets like your own bedroom? Don't they know that they are only encouraging the pedophiles?

Lisa said...

I dont think that this style encourages pedophiles. IMO pedophiles are reacting on other things (naked kids, kids in adultlike clothes etc).
But I agree that pj's arent the ideal clothes for shopping or going to dinner. I dont understand Katie. Why doesnt she plan this shopping or dinner tours better? I mean it should be possible to announce that 30 min earlier, so that Suri and her nanny will have enough time for dressing up normally.

Anonymous said...

i think katie just wants suri to have as normal a childhood as possible. she lets suri wear what she chooses and there's nothing wrong with that, in my opinion. lots of parents allow their kids to choose their own outfits, whether that be dressing up in a fairy or pirate costume or letting them wear their PJs. it's a normal expression for kids to try and wear different stuff. of course it's fun to see suri wearing high-end, pretty dresses too, but i think the most important thing is that katie isn't dressing up suri like a doll (not saying she ever was) and is just letting her be normal. it's not the end of the world if your kid wants to wear her pajamas out for a day.

Roberta A. said...


hey stardust, i thought this juicy couture dress looked a lot like the one suri's wearing on these photos.For those who want to copy it, only not dress their child on pjs all day, i think this is a great solution!

Bye Roberta

Roberta A. said...


or maybe this onee!!
xo Roberta

Paula said...
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Camille said...

I DEFINITELY agree with the 3rd "Anonymous" ("i think katie just wants suri to have...")!
You are so right. It's normal, people! She's just having a normal childhood and there's actually nothing wrong. Seriously, it's not like she's always gonna be wearing a PERFECT outfit! She's just a KID! She wants to dress up like a normal kid, choose her clothes, etc. And I TOTALLY love Suri! She's so cute. (She's just 5, so please leave her alone people. Let her live her childhood)! ;).

jbeebs said...

I'm sorry but she looks straight out of the trailer park.Seriously.

Lisa said...

Yes, it's normal that kids want to choose their wardrobe by themselves. It's OK to let them wear PJ's once or twice BUT not everyday to every event. And my opinion is, that parents have to educate their children, too, they have to show them what's right and what not in our society.
They are some dresscodes in our life, you can't excuse everything with the fact that she is a child.

I think that Katie want's to avoid conflicts with her daughter, but she should try to put through some things like appropiate clothings etc. It' s not necessary to allow everything to have a happy child.

BTW: my daughter would love it to go out without shoes or without a rain jacket. Shall I allow this too, when it has 5 degrees or so? I think that it's my job as parent to convince her, that this is not healthy.

Roberta A. said...


here's a pic of suri+katie shoping with identical flats, cute!


Anonymous said...

http://justjared.buzznet.com/photo-gallery/2452997/katie-holmes-suri-cruise-pastries-01/ There are Kate and Suri. Suri looks very cute. Her dress - http://www.gap.com/browse/product.do?cid=6436&vid=1&pid=740426&scid=740426012

Malou said...


Look at this oh so cute little Suri!

Yaneliv1012 said...

There is a new picture of suri today... http://justjared.buzznet.com/photo-gallery/2453000/katie-holmes-suri-cruise-pastries-04/ ... she is wearing the Sunburst-printed party dress from Baby Gap's Hampton collection. http://www.gap.com/browse/product.do?cid=54513&vid=1&pid=740426&scid=740426002

tvrdsi said...

Adorable!Hey Suri is out again-so cute.Love her hairstyle-

Anonymous said...

My daughter is 5 as well. Its loungewear. Should be worn at home. period. My daughter loves the undies and loungewear but she wears them at home.