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June 2010
Suri spotted leaving their NYC apartment with Katie & Isabella on Tuesday, 22.

Suri is covered in "homemade tattoos" - new body art trend? :)

Suri is wearing Asymmetrical Ruffle Dress in Orange from Sunset Collection by GAP, wich she first wore on May 31st 2009, while shopping at Janie and Jack Boutique in LA.


Thanks for the video to Karli from Popsugar

PS>> sorry, for the slow updates but iam on vacation w/very slow internet till 7/4.


Anonymous said...

the video clearly shows that she only gets carried cos of the cameras so ya'll can shut up for now

Anonymous said...

why is suri always so underdressed compared to her mom? most moms make sure their kids are warmer than themselves. what is with the huge blankets in public?

Anonymous said...

these are really scary photos - markers all over the legs, no shoes, humongous blanket, kate's facial expressions and heavy eye make-up! it's one thing to let suri pick her outfits but she always looks so unkept - doesn't her mom have time or care?

Anonymous said...



2 copycat dresses for adults!