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July 2010

Suri & Isabella visit Katie on the set of "The Kennedys" in Toronto, Canada on Thursday, 15.

Suri is wearing White/Heather Stripe Dress with flap pockets by Splendid, which she first wore on April 4th 2010

paired with Printed Floral Ballets Flats w/strap also by Crewcuts (from SS'09 collection), which she first wore on June 24th 2010.


Sarah said...

She's so cute! Again, I wish there were more pics. I love those shoes!

I also wish Suri would wear more than just a couple of dresses.

Anonymous said...

I miss suri's old outfits with the glam dresses, shoes and headbands. I like that she is dressing like a normal kid more often but i can't help but miss those glam outfits we haven't seen recently :(

ShoppeGirls said...

Love your blog and love Suri Cruise.

Anonymous said...

here is a good copycat outfit for adults and teenagers-
^striped dress from forever 21


^floral flats from f21

super cheap and cute