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August 2010

Suri & Co spent a day shopping around Toronto on Sunday, 22.
Before picking up take-away food the trio stopped by Starbucks, Gap Kids and Anthropology.

Suri is wearing the same dress which she first wore on July 21st 2010, but today the dress is worn inside-out.. :)
very creative of our little fashionista! :)

Suri is expanding her Raingear collection by wearing these Hello Kitty Polka Dot Boots by Western Chief.

Thanks to Katrina for the news! :)



Lisa said...

Suri looks overslept.

Anonymous said...

OK this look is no longer cute. Katie, I know we should let children be but when is this enough? Rain shoes? Dresses inside out? Raggedy Pants? No it's not cute. :(

Anonymous said...

errr her boots are cute, hence the hello kitty and welliea are in fashion now and i think her dress being inside out is creative, shes just experimenting what can look good.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't this seem a little bit too stalkerish of a little kid.

Tabuleiro Chic said...


I will folow you !!




Anonymous said...

Soooo cute dress! Love it! Wish Suri was still this stylish in March 2011!