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August 2010

Suri & Katie went out to get a cake from Whole Foods in Toronto on Sunday, 8.

Thanks to Katrina for better pictures!

Suri is wearing Dolmain Sleeves Embroidered Top from Amalfi Fall Trans'10 TG Collection by GAP.

YAY! Mystery solved thanks to hint from Jane! :)

Suri was wearing Purple Ballet Bow Flats from H&M.

Thanks to Vania for the picture!


Sarah said...

From what I can see, it looks like a cute outfit that Suri is wearing.

kristina! said...

i love you i live in norway and i can see you in topp i am not good in inglish haha i'm NOT GOOD ilu<333

Anonymous said...

Hi! Just wanted to let you know that I saw a few pictures at popsugar.com of the same outing. There's one where you can see Suri's outfit (and her face :)) a little bit better.

jane said...

i strongly think its a GAP Girls top from their latest collection. Its not online but I saw it in my local Gap here in Singapore.

patkins said...

im sorry...so where is this shoes from?..is it h&m or crazy 8. thanks and bare with me here..

stardust said...

actually, from these pictures its hard to tell for certain :) but i would say that H&M ones look more close :)

Anonymous said...

is that underwear or her leotard peeking through?

she looks like she's struggling to keep up with everyone who's walking so fast. no wonder its just easier to carry her around :D

Frances said...

@Anonymous - I used to wonder about that. at first i thought it was just a part/style of her blouse.. but after seeing that the Gap blouse has nothing like that, and now that you brought it up, i am also thinking what is that?

Frances said...

and for the record, i don't think those are her underpants... her leggings are too stretched for those to be going down..

Anonymous said...

i think shes wearing this leotard under the top:
(omg that link is BIG)