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September 2010

Katie Holmes insists her adorable daughter Suri is no spoiled brat!

In an interview with America’s Marie Claire magazine, the actress — who raises the tot with husband Tom Cruise – says she thinks it’s “important” for her little girl to have duties and responsibilities like any other child.

“We travel a lot, and so for me, it’s keeping a daily schedule for Suri that never changes,” Katie said.

“We wake up, and we do the same thing. She does her chores. I think it’s very important.

“If she doesn’t get her chores done, I notice she’s not nearly herself.

“She has to make her bed, she has to take her dishes to the sink, she has to put her clothes in the laundry — you know, that basic stuff.

“I try to do what my mom did for me… just spending time with her, making doll clothes and planting in the garden.”

Katie recently admitted she probably won’t have another baby.

“Maybe in a couple of years, but right now I want to make sure I’m really there for Suri,” she said.


eDesignerKidsClothes said...

I can't really say why, but I also believe that Suri isn't a spoiled brat. It somehow completes the image of a well-raised girl designing her own style/ clothes.

Anonymous said...

suri might be on glee with katie!