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Suri's TOYS
Suri is holding Disney Princess Talk 'n View Play Camera with Case.
Thanks to BabyM for the id!  :)


Anonymous said...

First off, I love your blog! But there is something that I've noticed that has left me a little upset.

I have triplet girls and they're Suri's age. For 2 years I studied Early Childhood, because I planned on being in the Child Care area and all I can say is, you're actually supposed to have your children make choices. By letting them choose what to wear, what to put in their hair, they're learning and gaining the tools that will lead them to be independent and gain the skills to make good choices in life. When you limit or chose what's appropriate for your child to wear, you actually hinder them.

My tiniest of the three, Whitlow, will only leave the house in PJs, Swimsuits, or ballerina dresses - I am not kidding. She understands that most children do not. My two other girls would never leave the house in a swimsuit, but Whit enjoys it. It's how she likes to dress, and how she feels comfortable. Does this mean that when she's 18 she's going to be dressing the same? Of course not.

My girls were IQ tested 3 months ago, and Whit has the highest - 142. She is brilliant, charming, funny, quirky and understands this world to the capability of a just-turned four year old.

I love my girls to no end, and I love their individuality and quite honestly feel appalled to even think about limiting and now allowing them to wear what they want. And BTW, I live in NYC and can say that if you lived her, you'd understand why Suri is always carried. I know I wish I had 3 arms to carry mine.

Anonymous said...

What bothers me the most about Kate and Tom's dressing of their daughter, besides the 'high' heels, is that it seems like they don't like to put socks or tights on Suri. She is mostly seen barefooted in whatever shoes she has on. A lacy anklet would look so much better with her strapped shoes when she wears dresses or skits than the bare-legged look she always seems to be wearing. No socks with sandals in the summer is fine. And the picture of her taken this past Dec. 19 (very cold in NYC) with a dress on and no tights is disturbing. She was even photographed many times with no coat and/or sweater on in the chilly air; but her mother has a winter coat on!! WHY??? To show off her expensive wardrobe???? Cover up the little girl and let her be warm!!!