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December 2010

Suri & Katie observed the sites at Stanley Park on Thursday, 16 in Vancouver, Canada.

The park was completely decked out for Christmas and the mother-daughter duo took a ride on the festive train that ran through the park.

Suri even got to meet a Snowman and Santa Claus!
After spending time at the park, Katie took Suri for a bite to eat at a burger joint.

Suri is wearing Rose Print Silk Dress from Spring'10 line by Holmes&Yang, which she first wore on December 10th.

Thanks to Katrina for this great Copy-Cat option! :)
Double Breasted Coat in Ivory Frost from Admiral Club line by GAP.


Anonymous said...

Finally a jacket!

Sarah said...

Love, love, LOVE Suri's coat! I want to see the entirety of that dress though. And I wish Katie had run a brush or comb through Suri's hair before they left.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe she is wearing a coat instead of wrapping up in a blanket! Now if she would wear tights and boots and hat and mittens. One step at a time.

Anonymous said...

suris jacket is from burberry:


Warren Dew said...

It's a cute coat, but good heavens, girl, find something long enough to cover the dress.

Of course, you might have to resort to a plebian wool blend from Trilogi or Rothschild ... or you could just buy one sized for a 6 year old and have them take in the sleeves.