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December 2010
Suri, Katie & Tom left their NYC apartment and headed to Plaza Hotel on Monday, 20.

inside pictures of Suri & Tom having dinner at Plaza Hotel. ^^LOVE this picture!!! :)

Suri is wearing Silver Star Print Top from Starry Night line by GAP and a flower-print skirt.

Suri is wearing Black Suede & Silver Mary Jane Shoes by Maloles Petite, which she first wore on December 13th 2010.

reported by justjared


Thanks to Kat from PopSugar TV for this video!


MatookaJulz said...

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Happy holidays!

Anonymous said...

No wonder she gets carried around all the time, look at all those paparazzi. It probably scares her

Anonymous said...

That photo with Tom is adorable!!


Anonymous said...

That photo with Tom inside the hotel has Suri smiling and looking relaxed. While all her outside photos with the paparrazi crowding around them usually has Suri hiding her face, looking tired and/or irritated. It was not too long ago she would openly & happily show her bouncy personality, even in front of the papparazzi; but sadly, having seen them all throughout her short life, she has now learned to become more guarded. Seems sad.

But, she is a very pretty child.

celeste said...

I wonder if she bought the clothes she is wearing with her credit card

Cladia said...

Yeah, it's sad when children have to suffer because they are the children of some celebrities. There should be a law forbidding paparazzi to take photos of them.

mel1408 said...

in this picture it shoes a burberry print on the collar or suris coat

well looks that way to me

stardust said...

yep, the coat is Burberry, i just dont have a stock picture for it...