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January 2011

Suri & Katie went shopping and picked some drinks at Jugo Juice in Vancouver, Canada on Monday, 24.

Suri is wearing Stars Embroidered Shoes from True Colors line 2010 by GAP.

to keep her little hands warm, Suri chose Boxed Heart Pop Top Mittens by Juicy Couture.

Suri is also wearing dress by Burberry, faux fur coat by EEL.


Anonymous said...

Nice to know she finally embraced the jacket! They can run a comb over her hair or give it a trim though.

Anonymous said...

That poor child has not been very well dressed for the weather, I'm sure it's frigid in Vancouver! I see she's in that fur coat, but wearing those tiny dresses in the middle of winter...the poor girl could catch pneumonia.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad she's wearing a coat and mittens but it looks like her legs are bare!

ugg australia said...

Wow, you are seriously talented lady! I wish I had that much skill! Marvelous shoes!