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Best Outfit Of The Month - January 2011

since this is NEW, here are guidelines for you & for me :)
-pajamas only "looks" will not be included;
-6 days to vote;
-"Best Outfit" chosen by the Readers will be posted after the voting is complete, together with my personal favorite outfit and comments;
-if more than 4/5 outfits, voting will be divided in 2 or more parts.

 *sorry, to the first 5 voters, there was a glitch, but its fixed now - please submit your votes again.


Anonymous said...

you seem to be obsessed with child fashion stardust. im sure u dress ur 5 yr old well!

Anonymous said...

More like "which way did she wear that coat the best".

princessbess said...

I don't think she is obsessed with Suri. Everyone has a favorite Celeb child.

stardust said...

^^thanks for the support :)
this blog is my hobby and i love it!