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Birthday Circus for Suri!
Tom Cruise and wife Katie Holmes plan to splash out £13,000 on a CIRCUS for daughter Suri's fifth birthday party. 
There will be elephants and giraffes parading at their £21million home in Beverly Hills, California, on April 18. 
And actors will be dressed up as characters from Suri's favourite book, Alice In Wonderland. 
A pal said: "Suri loves Alice so they're going to deck out their home exactly like the fantasy.

They want to make it extra special for her." 

David and Victoria Beckham, who live nearby, have been invited to take their three sons along.

reported by The Sun UK

>>in the next couple of weeks we will get much more speculation stories about Suri's BD party... just let me know, when you are tiered of this BS... :)


From Aus said...

This sounds like the $6000 Haloween costume!

Anonymous said...

haha i'd never get tired of anything Suri. i believe any parent that can afford it would make the best for their kids, the Cruises are no different.

Anonymous said...

omg, 13 thousand now what are they going to give when she will become sixteen? she is only 5! when i was five a had a little party with 5 friends and a nice cake. i had a great time and i didnt want anything else. i know suri is rich and she can get as many things as she wants but isnt this a little of the top? i bet she wont even remember it after a year.

Anonymous said...

funny...why u post this info if u think is BS?

stardust said...

^^cause this blog is about fashion & entertainment.. and since Suri is hiding during the last week, iam trying to keep you & myself entertained with those "news"... :)

Anonymous said...

I'm with Anonymous #2, when I was 5, I was happy with a few balloons, a homemade cake, and 4 kids. My only memory from that party is by the pictures. lol!

No one ever confirmed that the $6000 halloween costume thing wasn't true, but we could tell when she went out with some normal princess outfit from Century City Mall!

Katie's explanation of Suri planning the party etc. sounded WAY more real. I'll believe that.

Anonymous said...

No more BS please.