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Suri's Birthday Plans!

Suri Cruise may be the most indulged child in Hollywood, so it's no surprise that her mother Katie Holmes is planning a rather lavish affair for her upcoming 5th birthday.

Speaking on a Ryan Seacrest's US radio show on Monday, Katie, 32, said: 'Suri's turns five in about two weeks.

'She wants a piƱata and her girlfriends to come over, and some swimming.'

'We're going to make a cake together,' she adds.  'We're going to have a little tea party. I kind of like to girl it up.'

reported by dailymail

Listen the full interview:


Anonymous said...

What girlfriends? lol.

Anonymous said...

haha! exactly, what girlfriends? anyway i have birthday in april 18 too.. i didnt know me and suri shared the same birthday!

Anonymous said...

How is a pool party with a pinata "lavish"?

Anonymous said...

Girlfriends being her mom and, if they let Isabella out of her room, her sister.

Come on, Suri does not have any friends because Katie and Tommy won't let her attend school.

Yeah, sure she'll bake a cake. I don't believe that for a minute.

"Girl it up" that is not even in the dictionary. How can you use girl as a verb? I think being a "girl" is the least of Suri's issues. How about a bottle, paci and diaper torching party?

Anonymous said...

anonymous number four (girlfriends being her mom) made me pee in my pants. thanks. i needed that.

Anonymous said...

I don't get how the party described is a lavish. If this is what lavish now, then I didn't know it then, but I've beenn having lavish parties when I was a kid!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, but all 3 of Katie's interviews with Ellen, Ryan Seacrest and Jimmy Kimmel sounded rehearsed and memorized. As if she's playing a part. This is a girl who looks miserably unhappy three quarters of the time. I also find it sad that most of the interview was Katie talking about her "husband". I also find it sad what has become of Katie. I don't buy that she's got a good life or that she's happy with it, and I think her best acting has happened on these talk shows. I will say that Suri is beautiful so if nothing else, something very good did come out of that "marriage".

Ahlett said...

"girlfriends"? Really? She's not 32, Katie. Suri has never really had elaborate parties, from what has been reported in the past. Probably because she's spoiled enough that they can't possibly up things anymore. Irregardless, I hope her day is special - one less year until the auditing sessions!

Anonymous said...

all your comments are too funny! perhaps they're thinking of OTT pinkness and confettis and some sparkly lights or maybe surprise her with a unicorn to "lavish" it up.

But seriously, how "lavish" should a party be for a 5 year old?