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Who Wore GAP Trench Coat Better - Suri or Zahara?

Zahara Jolie-Pitt wore her Ruffle Beige Trench Coat by GAP over a cute stripe blouse, black skinny jeans and pink suede boots by Naturino. This outfit was worn while out with her family in LA on May 22nd 2011.

Suri was seen in this Ruffle Beige Trench Coat by GAP several times, this time i choose Suri's all-pink look consisting of simple cotton dress and pink suede boots by UGG. Suri completed her look by Pink Flower Headband.

Let's VOTE - 2.0!

In the previous poll the majority of you choose Honor over Suri.
This time around i will vote for Suri cause her look is more girlish :) and i love her styled hair :)

1 comment:

Ana Ignas(Michelle) said...

I Love Zee's boots! She is so stylish! And Suri, of course, too.