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September 2011
Suri and TK made a trip to the Milkshake Factory in Pittsburgh on Saturday, 24th.
The family was in town for the weekend to visit Tom while he films his latest movie, "One Shot."

"Katie ordered a vanilla salt caramel sundae for the group," a fellow customer at the Milkshake Factory tells Life & Style. "They also ordered three 20-ounce milk shakes, and Katie said they were going to share all three so they could taste the different kinds. Suri also got a plain vanilla cone!"
"They got a classic chocolate made with vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup," the customer adds. "They also got an Oreo shake and the flavor-of-the-week shake, which was apple pie. It has cinnamon-apple-pie pieces."

reported by Life&Style

outfit: its really hard to make out which dress Suri is wearing... looking for better pictures.


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