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Suri's Style

one of Suri's favorite brands - Juicy Couture has just released their FW'11 shoes collection!
Shoes with heels are included as a party-wear for Little Fashionistas!

cant wait to see Suri wearing one of these adorable pairs.. :)


Anonymous said...

These are so fundamentally wrong for kids with developing bones. Thanks Juicy Couture for basically ruining little girls' feet!

Anonymous said...

I'd have to agree, it's just not the right kind of shoes for little girls to be wearing.

Juicy Couture is one of my favorite brands too (although I'm not rich enough to afford much of anything from them), they really should market those particular shoes to teens and younger women. I'd say with me, kitten heels are better, because they aren't so high up, yet not completely flat.

From Aus said...

Ha ha "Anonymous" Suir's feet won't be ruined because she is carried most places.

jhon said...

the shoes are really nice.. liked the color.. when you'll wear it surely they look awesome!!