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December 2011

Christmas Plans!

Tom Cruise recently sat down with Extra and talked about his holiday plans. The actor revealed what he, Katie Holmes, Suri, 5, nearly 19-year-old Isabella and Connor, 16, will be doing around Christmas time.

He shared, "The family gets together and cooks breakfast, and everyone pitches in... I'm not slouch. I'm not a gourmet chef, but I can whip up some eggs. (We're) gonna chill. We like taking those times. We really just all hang together and play games. We're all just going to have a really nice, quiet time."


elisa said...

werent they Scientologycs ( srry for the spelling) i thought that they did not celebrate christmas

princessbess said...

I don't think Katie is. Just Tom.

Pippa said...

Sorry if you get this twice from me but I am not sure my original post showed up....WHERE ARE YOU? I miss you and you haven't posted anything on Suri's wardrobe lately. Are you not posting to this blog anymore? Or are you just taking a break? Please let your readers know so that we know if we should keep checking back, or if you are no longer posting. thanks! Pippa.

haleywoods said...

That is probably why he never mentions Christmas in his reply. Friends that are Jewish often say that they "spend that time of year together as a family" without getting into specific logistics.