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September 2013: Suri Cruise wears Lanvin to School

a week ago there was an article on dailyhatemail smth like "no more designers clothes for Suri" as if Katie said that she can't afford it anymore.. well, maybe there was some truth in it, one might think, cause Suri was wearing all mall brands as of late.. no, not really!

Suri went to school in NYC on September 18th 2013 - wearing Mink Fur Vest FW'14 by Lanvin (~$850) and Black Velvet Dress FW'13 (~$750) (sold out) by Lanvin, completing her outfit with Liberty Print Ballet Flats SS'13 (~$130) by Crewcuts.

total outfit cost ~$1.730

photo from dailymail


Anonymous said...

“These clothes are not for the playground, but for special occasions!!!! I am SO disappointed in Katie's parenting display. This just puts her child and what she wears more in the spotlight.

Photos of five-year-old Suri sporting high-end fashions like custom-made Lanvin shoes have captured the attention of scores of mommy bloggers in the process.

I as a Mom myself also worry these collections make it harder than ever to teach girls values, like beauty not being determined by a fancy label or a pricey garment.

This does not support the down to earth little girl Katie claims she wants her daughter to be...as a mom she HAS control and has not exercised it obviously!!

missy said...

What? This has nothing to do with being down to earth. Down to earth has to do with living within your means and that isn't static. As a mother you ought to teach your children that there's alway going to be people better, prettier, richer, smarter, etc... And conversely people lessor, less attractive, poorer, less smart etc... Teach your daughter the race is with herself. To be the best she can be not how she compares to someone else. That's really messed up.