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In Suri's Closet - SEED (Australian Brand)

Suri wore these Jersey Harem Pants in Jewel Marle by Seed, while relaxing in Melbourne's park on August 15th.


Suri wore this Beaded Neck Detail Tee in Charcoal Marle and it is also from Seed.

Thanks for the hint to Mandee & Natalia! :)

Suri wore these Side Flower Ballet Shoes in Fuchsia, while out & about on the set of Don't Be Afraid of the Dark on August 14th.

Thanks to Cherry for the shoes id! :)

and about this brand - SEED, my personal opinion - i dont like it, cause i hate knock-offs..

a while ago i posted that Suri's pink shoes are from Monsoon, because i have purchased the exact same pair from them last FALL...

so, how surprised i was to see this brand - "Seed" to remake these shoes almost exactly the same, they only added a strap...

and its not all, they also copied Silver Mary-Jane Shoes from Gap's Northern Lights Collection (also Fall'08)... these are way toooo similar to be a coincidence, imho.


Anonymous said...

Seed are such a perfect example of what happens in the world of fashion, absolutely no creative ability simple copycats.

Mandee said...

Wow Suri is in pants...sort of. They are leggings but I think that's as close to pants as we are going to get.

Patty said...

Those pants/leggings/whatever are horrible. The originals are so much better than the seed.

Mandee said...

News update:

SURI Cruise has proved she is not just the best-dressed tot around the globe, she is also the most worldly and well-mannered.

Katie Holmes and her three-year-old daughter were eating out at Wagamama restaurant in Flinders Lane on Friday.

As staff were clearing their plates, a laid-back Holmes mentioned Suri loved eating edamame beans.

The boiled and salted soybeans would not be the first choice of food for most three-year-olds.

But Suri confirmed her love of the soy bean pod by pleading with her mum to have some more.

"Mummy, I want more edamame," Suri said to a stunned floor staff member.

"Most people don't even know what edamame is," a member of the Wagamama staff said.

As the famous mum and daughter left, staff were further enamoured to find a big thank-you note written by Suri, no doubt with the help of Holmes, on the back of a comment card.


Mandee said...

SEED's knock off from J.Crew's Crewcuts:



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