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Melbourne, August 2009

Cuise family enjoyed another idyllic day out as they relaxed by the lake near Government House in Melbourne's Royal Botanical Gardens on Saturday, 15.

Suri & Katie are spending their last day with Tom before he hops back on a plane and heads home.

Suri is wearing her favorite Grey Canvas Sandshoe by Walnut, which she got as a present together with ballet flats & other shoes from Walnut (Australian brand).



Mandee said...

Yes, this should be the T-shirt...from American Apparel:


Mandee said...

Missing 1 more piece, in Tom's hands....ANOTHER American Apparel hoodie:


stardust said...

wdym by ANOTHER one?

its the same hoodie which Suri wore some days earlier with her Kidorable rainboots...

Mandee said...

Oooops, you're right! ;) Sorry
here's what 'could be' Suri's Lilac cuffed leggings:


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