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Boston, November 2009

Suri & Katie braved the Boston rain on Sunday, 15 and went shopping at Jacadi. While Katie was dressed in a warm sweater and boots, Suri wasn't letting a little water get in the way of wearing her favorite peep-toe heels. Suri stayed home that evening, though, when Tom took a break from filming Knight & Day to have dinner out with Katie. They dined at Abe & Louie’s steak house.

Suri is holding Elmo Plush Toy from Sesame Street Show.

Suri had a slight mishap: She got stuck in the rain and slipped out of her high heel shoes.

and later in the evening Suri & Tom went out for a walk and bottle break before bedtime.

look like Suri is wearing white silk pajamas, how cute is that? :)

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Paulina^^. said...

Ohmygod! I have just found your blog while searching in Internet... and i loved it!! :D It's great, I LOVE SURI!! And guess what? I didn't even know she EXISTED!! Until yesterday!! Lolz, how silly me! Haha. However, I started looking for more about her and i'm IN LOVE WITH SURI!! She's s cutie!!! Suri is soooooo pretty and beautiful..she's a sweetie^^! Okay, LOVE YOUR BLOG!! Keep it up! Bye :)
-Suri is a goddess! Lolz :D

Anonymous said...

Suri is cute, she's an adorable little girl with more that wast wardrobe to admire but I really find it disturbing that she's wearing high heels and drinks from a bottle at 3,5 years old. also, she never seems to be dressed for the weather, either. perhaps this toughens her a little and she won't get sick that often but still... her parents clearly have no say here. weird.

Anonymous said...

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patkins said...

well...before everyone starts judging...the root of all this "weirdness" is their religion. dont get me wrong...im not putting any religion down. i just read that in their religion..they believe suri is an "old soul" and "knows" what she is already doing so there for she does to get to do whatever she wants....that includes the heeled shoe....not wearing jacket when she should ( may i point out..thats how all kids are when it comes to wearing jackets) they just dont seem to keep it on. and as far as the bottle goes...i knew a few kids who didnt give up the bottle until 4 41/2....

stardust said...

i totally understand that, and although i dont belong to their religion i treat my daughter as if she is a grown up and she doesnt "have" to list to me, she has a mind of her own and we negotiate :)

anyway, ho hat is fine :)

thanks patkins for your point of view.

Anonymous said...

I think it's great to give your child a choice. I do let my kid choose what they wear but the choice is between leggings or tights, skirt, dress or trousers. I don't let them choose between summer and winter shoes in the winter/late autumn.
and while I'm far from overheating my kid I think a hat in freezing weather can only do them good compared to no hat. exposed head in below zero, windy temperatures makes our chances of catching a cold higher, simple as that.
I get that Suri is usually out for brief moments but she's always underdressed compared to her parents. Katie covers her head, wears winter boots while her kid is dressed as if it was a middle of summer. Perhaps underdressing does Suri good but letting your toddler decide everything is a dangerous path. sure, you avoid tantrums but if as teenagers they decide to experiment with drugs or skip school will you kindly let them do so? after all, they know what they are doing and what's right for them, right?

I like this blog and appreciate all the work the owner puts into it. But at the same time I feel I'm looking at a doll, Katie's mini-me rather than a real child.

Anonymous said...

Gosh that bottle! When is she going to give that up? It's not cute. On the same note, I wonder if she's even potty trained yet?

Tom & Katie are probably the worst enabling parents out there. :(

I can see Suri as the second coming of Paris Hilton. Somehow Tom's older kids with Nicole don't seem to be like this. I can only blame this on Katie.

kathleen said...

Suri is real cute little girl. That red coat and shoes she's wearing is simply perfect for her. :)

Anonymous said...

Where can I get a pair of her heels?? I've looked everywhere for hours but can't find them. Only Suri can look this cute wearing them. Thanks