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LA, December 2009

Suri and Katie pick up several bouquets of Christmas Eve flowers at a specialty market in Los Angeles on Thursday, 24.

Suri is wearing English Rose Dots Rainboots by Kidorable, which she first wore in Australia on July 28th 2009.

Suri is also wearing Silk Ruffle Dress in Green by Holmes & Yang.

Honestly, i expected more creativity from Katie and her designer-friend, rather than recreating one single dress in all of the rainbow colors... blah.

Pleasant surprise is to see Suri out on a Christmas Day! :)



Meesh said...

I agree! Who needs the same dress in 40 colors?! The only thing I've really liked of the holmes yang clothes was the white dove dress. And I am sooo over seeing this particular one.

charu0306@yahoo.co.in said...

Honestly, Katie Holmes and Yang collection is not great. I dont see they have a web presence either. Most of the designs are just in different colors, I agree with Stardust and Meesh. :) There was another blue one similar to this..I can see Katie is not just a good designer and she clearly doesnt have the time for it either :) Anyway, your blog is soooo interesting , and me being a fashion freak, its good to read it. :)

Anonymous said...

I agree with the other 2 posts, and your comments as well. We have seen this dress in white, cream, blue, red and now green. Am I missing any colors? Boring. It is literally the simplest designed dress imaginable. I love your website though. Keep up the good work. Its is great. Thanks. Louise.

Anonymous said...

I'm not surprised that the Holmes Yang stuff is same old same old. I believe Katie and her stylist originally wanted to design for women but when the couple of clothes Katie debuted got laughed at (remember the white towel rack jumpsuit Katie wore during her Broadway show last year? There was also another design that was downright atrocious too), I guess they decided to focus on children's clothes.

I don't know of any child who wants to dress like that day in day out and wear the same dress in different colors!

Lucynda said...

Does the Cruise family celebrate Christmas? If they do I expected something more fancy instead of this boring dress.

Mandee said...

Suri’s in summer, Katie’s in winter... looks weird!

Anonymous said...

The dress in many colors is just a love thing between the two: Katie is the designer and Suri is the model. As Suri chooses her outfit herself you can imagine how much she loves her mom!! The same is with the green dress in Seville: is Tom's favorite and Suri has put it a few times since she was two.

Anonymous said...

It's amazing how much Suri loves this rather simple dress! Maybe just because it's designed by Mommy for her but I suspect she loves simple and one color dresses. Suri is wearing this kind of dresses graciously and refuses to mix them with other garments!

Cathy said...

Just stumble on your blog today. Looking unto Suri here, makes me think on how fast she grows and also how dynamic her style is. The boots is so cute for babies, but not with Suri's age now. Anyway, thanks for sharing.

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