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February 2010

Suri and Katie are finally back on the streets of New York, Monday 9.
S&K had a lunch with Jane Yang at the Bowler Hotel, the rumors are that this trio (including Suri) is working on a new collection for Holmes & Yang label.

Suri is wearing (nothing new! sigh) Red Trench coat by unknown designer/brand, and her trusty Salina Safari Patent-Leather Ballet Flats by Crewcuts, which Suri first wore arriving to Tokyo on March 11th 2009.

Katie is carrying Suri's monkey - The Monkey is Dallas Cowboys NFL Large 27'' Pink Rally Monkey (collectible item), first debuted on September 29th 2009.

and FINALLY Suri is wearing some funky mittens, its first time Suri is wearing any mittens!!! :)


Thanks to Karli from popsugar for sending me this video! very cute :)


Lucynda said...

I love Suri's gloves^^

Anonymous said...

I'm just glad she's wearing weather appropriate clothes! I do wish they would stop smearing make up on her though.

Pauwi^^ said...

wow! suri is really cute and gorgeous. that's about it. just something important i've noticed: she first wears high heels BECAUSE SHE LIKES HE MOM'S. then she is using MAKEUP.. because she likes her MOM'S?! i mean, i love suri and i totally accepted when she wore high heels. but don't you think makeup is a little too much? but oh well i guess she's just another little girl obsessed with her mom's stuff which i find really cute, lol. ^^

Anonymous said...

disgusting!!!!!!!!!!..She is just a little
girl..the clothes do not change that.!!!!!!!!!!!