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In Suri's Closet - Flower Headbands by Crewcuts

When Suri loves smth she gets it in all available colors! So, here is her new addiction - Flower Headbands! Yay! She finally got it :), i mean Honor has been rocking those headbands for a while now...

Flower Headband in Fuchsia and in White, both by Crewcuts.

and are my eyes deceiving me or i see EYE - make up on that little girl?!?! and you know guys, TomKat can tell as many times as they want that Suri is dressing her self, but i havent seen yet an almost 4-year-old girl who could color her nails, lips and eyes all by herself! Suri is definitely a wonder-kid!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Correction, Katie is the one who buys the same thing in different colors (witness her sad sack Holmes & Yang collection in rainbow hues).

Suri is starting to look like Brooke Shields in Pretty Baby. That is not a compliment either.

Really in the day of age of pedophiles, Tommy, Katie, do you really want to give those people something to oogle at?