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February 2010
Suri bundled up in a matching hat, scarf and mitten set as she held onto her princess umbrella, braving the blizzard currently making its way through Manhattan.
S&K were having another lunch with Jane Yang at Bowlers Hotel on Wednesday, 10. 

>>rumors are, that they are getting ready for Fashion Week...  is Katie seriously going to present H&Y collection??

Suri is wearing Pink Mary Jane 3 by Nike;
Under her coat she is most likely wearing infamous silk ruffle Holmes&Yang dress, this time in Bright Blue;

and Suri is keeping her legs warmth in Rib Knit Tights in Mint from FW'09 Stella McCartney for Gap Collection. (completely sold out in-store & on-line).


UPDATE: (more pictures)

Suri risked getting a very cold and wet pair of feet as she stepped into a slushy puddle while out in New York.
Even though she was wrapped up against the Big Apple's sub-zero conditions, the flimsy-looking pink shoes were not going to offer much protection from the elements.

Like all little children, the snow excited Suri, who even stuck out her tongue to catch some snowflakes in her mouth.

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Anonymous said...

thanks GOD she is not in a sleeveless fashion dress this time.I think after stying home for one month her parents have convinced her for wearing these dresses.

Anonymous said...

How can she be so eternally beautiful? I like the fact that Suri decided to experiment: new hair style, funky hat and mittens. She grows very fast as Kate said. We should expect the unexpected from Princess Suri this year. God bless. Jolla

Meesh said...

It is one of those Holmes and Yang dresses. Better pictures here:


I just don't think those are appropriate for winter without something underneath. Even with a coat outside, seems like she'd be chilly inside. I do like the color, though.

Anonymous said...

Why is she wearing canvas shoes? That girl has rain boots (which she wore when it was sunny). Why didn't they make her wear those?

At least she looks groomed this time.

Mandee said...

You have the wrong style/photo of her shoes, they are in fact the toddler style and size which Suri wears size 9-9.5
The correct photo is here:

stardust said...

^^yep, i know. this toddler sized picture looks too tiny to me :)

Mandee said...

OMG, look the ladybug umbrella has a TAG on it - meaning its another one! How many does Suri have? 1 in each city they visit? She used this umbrella when she was 3 in a Philip Lim dress first seen, so if this umbrella has a tag it must be NEW!

Anonymous said...

Wow she actually owns a hat and jacket! But why those shoes?