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February 2010

more pictures from yesterday.... :)

Suri uses every opportunity to show off her favorite Holmes&Yang dress! i am sick of this style, but i like this color :)

Thanks to Meesh!



Anonymous said...

Iam sick of this style too! Katie should have teamed up better! Theres just 1 dress that theyd esigned in many colors...huh..Needless to say, Katie has poor fashion sense, while Suri has one of the best!

Anonymous said...

Gosh walking in the freezing snow in a sleeveless summer dress w/o a sweater. Great going Katie. Wonder when pneumonia will set in?

Like I said before nothing special w/the "Holang" collection.

Anonymous said...

If you look closely at the picture and pictures before. Suri has a jacket with her and she only took it off to walk around the store. Otherwise the other pictures show her having fun and WEARING a jacket. And I personally do love the Holmes and Yang collection. Very classic!

Anonymous said...

Suri is walking around during a BLIZZARD with a lightweight coat, left open and an even lighter weight dress underneath! People, during a blizzard the temperature is BELOW FREEZING!! Thats just physics!! That poor child should be dressed properly. All you crazy fanatics can make excuses for why Katie does this, but any sane person knows it's WRONG.

kate said...

i like the holmes and Yang silk dress. i dont like the price tag. i got my daughter a dress exactly the same as this in light pink silk by an australian brand. the brand doesnt have a website, but ive seen people sell their stuff online. they make the dress in more colours then suri wears and the quality was great. if your a fan of the dress i would get one from them, they sell the dress a lot cheaper. i know theres a gold/cream copy of this dress on ebay atm that im looking at.