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February 2010 
Suri & Katie went to see The Pride at the Lucille Lortel Theatre on Wednesday, February 10. 
Suri danced and smiled as she picked out her favorite lipsticks - red & pink, yesterday at Sephora.
Suri is following the Brights Trend.
*fashion info TBA - Suri's entire outfit is by Bonpoint.


Lucynda said...

OMG! She is way to young for lipstick and other kinds of make up!!!

Anonymous said...

i love how katie ignores all those stupid comments people make about suri's heels and suri's make up. shes a little girl having fun, people need to leave her alone. But good on Katie for not letting it change how she raises her child :)

Anonymous said...

is just a little girl trying to be a princess!! my 4 years old daughter loves wearing red lipstick and i let her it is just for fun!

Cheeeryl said...

Red lipstick is so not cute for little girls. But I have a daughter (she's still 6 months old though) and if someday she enjoys putting red lipstick on, I wouldn't mind so much. Little girls just want to have fun, of course.