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April 2010

Suri & Katie went to one of their favorite NYC eateries - Alice's Tea Cup, on Monday 5.

Today was Katie's first shooting day on the set of her new movie "Son of No One".

and the nightgown is back...
Suri is holding a lip gloss and wearing a cute silver necklace :)

Suri accessorized her "outfit" with Estelle Hairband in Lime by Bonpoint, first worn on February 10th 2010.

Suri is wearing her trusty Salina Safari Patent-Leather Ballet Flats by Crewcuts, which she first wore arriving to Tokyo on March 11th 2009.



Anonymous said...

New picture of Suri stepping out http://suricruiseitalia.altervista.org/gallery/cpg1420/displayimage.php?album=174&pos=0
She's still soo cute but wearing nightgown of course! I hope next phase will be boy's clothes. There's plenty to explore in this area.

Anonymous said...

Finally someone got their hands on her and combed her hair. Really if you are going to let your child grow out their hair, the one condition is they must let you comb it out and style it or else they have to wear it short.

On the other hand that thin nightgown is definitely inappropriate. Katie, think of all the pedophile perverts out there. Do you really want them to look at your daughter?

Lucynda said...

Her hair looks so pretty. I love it! But I totally hate the night gown and as Anonymous already said, there are a ton of perverts out there and I wouldn't want them to see my daughter like that.

Anonymous said...

This is a great day for Suri: she stepped out solo without Katie!! Look how she braves the paps: http://x17online.com/gallery/view_gallery.php?gallery=SCruiseNYC040510_X17#26 No tantrum, not a tear and she even smiles like a diva. Hair OK but she's still in night gown.

Anonymous said...

Suri is having a good time in NY:
http://www.popsugar.com/Photos-Suri-Cruise-Katie-8004267?page=0,0,0#19 Jolla

Anonymous said...

about the shoes: I think Katie gets her fave ones in a couple of sizes - toddler's foot usually grows a few sizes within a year, so I don't think it would be possible for Suri to wear the same ballerinas she wore a year ago.