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April 2010

Suri & Katie were spotted leaving their NYC apartment on Sunday, 11.

Suri is wearing Vintage Dove Dress by Holmes & Yong (available at Maxfield), which she first wore on November 30th 2007,

and Barbara Patent Sandals by Maloles Petit, first worn on October 4th 2009.

Suri accessorized her outfit with Fleurs Framboise Headband by Bonpoint.

if you look at the close up, Suri is wearing her black cardigan is inside-out... :)
or at least pocket looks like that..



Lucynda said...

She looks so pretty if she actually wears shoes and a dress and brushes her hair.

Anonymous said...

Lucynda - amen to that!

Anonymous said...

where is the black cardigan from?

Brittany said...

Suri looks so much like her mom! With a little bit of tom in there.