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April 2010

Suri takes her nanny to see "Wicked" on Broadway on Monday, 12.

Who told to Miss S. that its OK to wear pj's to the theater?...

Thanks to Jolla for the pictures! :)


CT said...

but she's wearing a headband as well, so its cuter..:) not the bunny slippers though..but its Suri..since she shes perfect all year around its okay to be imperfect sometime...?

Anonymous said...

The amount of germs on theater seating should give anyone pause. Especially since she isn't wearing any tights or anything underneath to protect her when those pjs ride up.

Really this is laziness. That nanny of hers should have dressed her up.

I don't think it's cute. In a couple of years, when she's sucking on that bottle and wearing pjs in public, it will be construed as weird and eccentric.

Lucynda said...

It is kinda hard to keep up with her lately, huh?
She is out again and so pretty!