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April 2010
Suri visited her movie star mama Katie Holmes on the New York set of her new movie "Son of No One" on Friday, 9.

Suri is wearing the exact same outfit as yesterday, 

but she has a new plush friend - Elephant from Webkinz Jr. toys range by GANZ.

and a new controversial picture of almost-four-year -old Suri drinking from her bottle..



Anonymous said...

That first picture of Suri is just breathtaking. Wow. What a shot. ")

Lucynda said...

She really is so pretty but I think she should definitely get rid of that bottle.
It's her birthday next week, I wonder what kind of party she is gonna have and what she's gonna wear.

Sarah said...

Lucynda, I heard it's Princess themed. But I wouldn't be surprised if it was bunny themed, given Suri's obvious new love of them. :)

Anonymous said...

Just as a heads up, that is not a webkinz junior, it;'s a normal webkinz velvety elephant. (Just to let you know)

Kitty said...

I had my bottles till I was 6. No big deal. I wish people wouldn't make such a big deal out of this.

Btw, nice blog! I think Suri's very adorable :-)

Anonymous said...

That is crazy drinking a bottle at her age!

Anonymous said...

Suri is the most...i think angelic and beautiful baby in hollywood. soooooo pretty!!! im speechless